Vendor Information

Do you have your own small business; a product or service?

Swatty Creek Mill has expanded and we’d love to speak with you!  We’re continually looking for new vendors that share our passion for QUALITY home and decor products.  Whether that’s handcrafted, furniture rehab, vintage or antique; we’re excited about the opportunity to spotlight local vendors in our shop!

How are we different? 

Swatty Creek Mill is an all-inclusive cooperative: no walls, no division; just one united shop.  In addition to the storefront, we also have an Online Shop where we’d love to showcase our local vendors and their products!

So, how does it work?

Instead of paying for space by the square footage or a pricey commission; we’ve developed a hybrid model that allows for you to keep more capital to your investment.  Now let us take care of the rest!  We’ll incorporate your products throughout the storefront, as well as add your products to our Online Shop.  All of YOUR PRODUCTS will be branded as YOUR BUSINESS, under the Swatty Creek Mill umbrella.

Whether you’re tired of the traditional markets or just exploring options; we’d love to chat with you!

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