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Tiff's Top Picks

One for you.  One for me.

At Swatty Creek Mill you’ll always find a handpicked selection; but that doesn’t mean, I don’t have my favorites.

I’ll share with you, Tiff’s Top Picks; the top three, ‘New Arrival’ items that I’ve considered keeping for myself.  So what have I considered keeping this month?  Let’s have a look!


You know how I told you that I have my favorites?  I truly do hold some items to the side, until I’m ready to part ways.  My potential hoarding tendencies may prove helpful this time!  As our locations are closed in compliance with our nation’s request to combat COVID-19;  Swatty Creek Mill is continuing to operate out of its online platforms, with some of these finds that I’ve been keeping to myself.  

Now to the Nylint truck… Whenever I see these little guys, I pick them up.  Nylint is the epitome of retro farm trucks; featuring a 1970s body style, spring-like green paint and farm decal on the door.  These trucks are great for planters or if you’re just looking to add a touch of color! 

If you don’t know anything about Nylint; the company began producing aluminum toys in the late 1930s.  This particular truck is from the 1970s, when the company transitioned away from the toy umbrella and began branding their aluminum trucks as collector’s items.  


If you need fillers; than these succulents are for you!  They come as a set, in two different sizes: a 4.75 inches in diameter and 3.75 inches in diameter.  They work perfectly in a garden, a planter or in my case, a bowl in my kitchen.

These cement succulents are antique reproductions; given age with gray cement and a powdery-white coating to enhance the lines.  The muted-colors work great in bringing your other colors to the forefront!  


These domes are great, because they offer so much detail; that you can choose to place it over something or nothing.  They come in two sizes: an 11 x 6 inches and 8 x 5 inches. 

The domes are a woven, rusted metal; resembling chicken wire and loop accent on top.  Pair with your favorite dish to add some Spring-time, Rustic Farmhouse charm. 

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