Tiff's Top Picks

Tiff's Top Picks

One for you.  One for me.

At Swatty Creek Mill you’ll always find a handpicked selection; but that doesn’t mean, I don’t have my favorites.

I’ll share with you, Tiff’s Top Picks; the top three, ‘New Arrival’ items that I’ve considered keeping for myself.  So what have I considered keeping this month?  Let’s have a look!


It’s that time again; for another round of Tiff’s Top Picks, but FALL EDITION!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Between the crisp air, warm colors and cinnamon smell that is just about everywhere…  There’s something magical about this season!  

And speaking of magical, these gourds are no exception.  They are locally sourced, dried to perfection and still maintain their lovely warm coloring lasting years to come.  Each gourd averages nine inches in height.  They’re large enough to display on their own, or be part of a larger display such as layered baskets and porch displays. 


And now that we’re talking magical and cinnamon; these oversized votives are no exception.  The Warm Light brand candles are some of the most flavor-packed scents that I’ve come across. Each votive has a two-toned color appearance and textured finish.  They are both visually appealing, as well as smell incredible.  This particular scent of Homespun Harvest; includes crisp apple, cinnamon and brings-in other Fall nodes.  


Last, but certainly not least are the Mason Jar Chimney’s available in Half Gallon and Quart sizes.  They may be new for us this Fall, but certainly a perfect everyday item; especially for those oversized votives!  The chimney’s make for a lovely display; easily swap-out candles, add decorative plates, risers and even a floral for a put-together, layered display. 

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