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Tiff's Top Picks

One for you.  One for me.

At Swatty Creek Mill you’ll always find a handpicked selection; but that doesn’t mean, I don’t have my favorites.

Each month I’ll share with you, Tiff’s Top Picks; the top three, ‘New Arrival’ items that I’ve considered keeping for myself.  So what have I considered keeping this month?  Let’s have a look!

Vintage Printer Drawer: Letterpress Tray

This Printers Drawer, Letterpress Tray may be classified under Industrial Chic, but with its warm undertones and simple lines, can easily be incorporated in to any Vintage, Shabby Chic or Farmhouse decorating styles. 

So, let’s talk about this…  With my own decorating style at home, I’m generally drawn to pieces that tell a story.  And in my mind, just wrapping-up with season 2 of ‘The Crown’, I’ve developed a story of how this drawer was used.  Naturally in this daydream, I play the lead character where I’m a reporter that just broke a story and needs to go to press.  I get the OK for my crotchety boss, run down the hall and slide-in to the printers where there’s a man sitting behind an old metal desk. I give a nod.  He gives a nod. And that’s when it happens…  The printer opens the desk drawer, retrieves the letterpress and then delicately and softly, closes the drawer.  – So you can see now, why it’s hard for me to part ways with this drawer.

The REAL story this drawer tells me is that while it is old and not free of blemishes; it was well cared for.  Once polished, the red tones shine through and accentuate the grain of the wood.  The metal face and hardware to the drawer are another great accent, adding uniqueness and charm.

Whether this piece is sitting tabletop or hanging on a wall; it is the perfect accent to any decorating style.

Wood Block: Candle Holder

These Wood Block Candle Holders are another great accent of added warmth and charm to any tabletop display.  These blocks prove character with their aged look and weathered lines.  When burning a tealight, the candle amplifies the warm undertones of the block, bringing a natural Rustic Farmhouse or Industrial Chic ambiance. 

And in case you’re curious by the way of fire hazards: these wooden blocks feature a metal insert specifically for candle burning.

Rooster Sitter

Please don’t vandalize my car or throw something at me if you see me out-and-about, for saying this: but “LuLa Roe, watch-out with the soft buttery finish of this rooster”!   When I first saw the rooster, I picked it up and stood there for what was probably an uncomfortable amount of time; while my mind was trying to figure-out why cement felt like this.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Then I gave the rooster a soft little pet and I now bring to you… the Rooster Sitter.

Cement or not, the natural gray finish of this rooster is perfect to incorporate with any color scheme or bring Farmhouse charm to any tabletop.  And here’s a little secret: gray makes all other colors pop!  From the kitchen to the living areas, these Rooster Sitters look great.

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