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Tiff's Top Picks

One for you.  One for me.

At Swatty Creek Mill you’ll always find a handpicked selection; but that doesn’t mean, I don’t have my favorites.

I’ll share with you, Tiff’s Top Picks; the top three, ‘New Arrival’ items that I’ve considered keeping for myself.  So what have I considered keeping this month?  Let’s have a look!


I’m in a bit of a Vintage French Country Farmhouse mood this month…  And since we’ve just launched a physical location at Olde Factory in Hummelstown, PA; we’re going to start with a recent addition to our lineup in store.    

This antique milking stool has incredible detail and character!  So much so that I was willing to carry it two blocks to my car, in Baltimore city; at a brisk, speed-walking pace.    

The top of the stool is wood block, with a very unique curvature on either side.  I’ve been researching, trying to find this stool and it is in fact a one (or two) of a kind piece; handmade and not mass produced.  The stool also features a tongue and groove interlocking that can be seen on the seat, as well as underneath.  

This antique stool shows so many unique qualities that it would make a gorgeous statement piece all on its own, but could also be used as a display riser.  

This Antique Milking Stool can be found at Olde Factory, Hummelstown, PA. 

28 PIECE Arcopal Honorine, Scalloped Dishes Set

SOLD – Check back Next Month for another Top Pick.  New inventory is added monthly!

This 28 piece, Arcopal Honorine dish set is what inspired my French Country mood.  These dishes are a true, vintage, French Country Farmhouse.  They were made in France in the late 1950s, offering a chip-resistant dinnerware, with a lovely delft blue design and scalloped edging.

The set includes 8 large plates, 8 dessert plates, 4 soup bowls, 3 glass bowls and 5 stemmed glasses.  From displaying tabletop in a hutch or cabinet, to eating dinner; these delft blue dishes offer a gorgeous and sophisticated French Country design.  

This Arcopal Honorine dish set can be found in our Online Shop > Vintage.

Westraven DELFT BLUE Tile

Each month of the year is represented with these Westraven, Delft Blue Tiles.  This is a very rare find!  The tiles are in immaculate condition and showcased in a mahogany frame. 

With scenes from Holland’s countryside, these tiles easily coordinate with any French Country or Vintage decor; or displayed on their own for a pop of color. 

This Westraven Delft Blue Tile set can be found in our Online Shop > Vintage.

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