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Tiff's Top Picks

One for you.  One for me.

At Swatty Creek Mill you’ll always find a handpicked selection; but that doesn’t mean, I don’t have my favorites.

Each month I’ll share with you, Tiff’s Top Picks; the top three, ‘New Arrival’ items that I’ve considered keeping for myself.  So what have I considered keeping this month?  Let’s have a look!

Wire Mesh Star Potpourri

I already know what you’re thinking… “Oh man, she’s like an old lady”… Well. Maybe… But these stars smell amazing! This is not your grandmother’s potpourri.

Visually, you wouldn’t even know the star was potpourri because the black wire mesh with the dried fruit inside is visually appealing. It’s not chopped-up pieces of who knows what, sitting in Nana’s old candy dish because she ran out of butterscotch. The wire star is filled with dried cranberries, cinnamon sticks and orange, for a more natural appearance.

Now the scent… They. Smell. INCREDIBLE! You can always tell the different between those fake-syrupy smells; you know the kind that burn your nose and make your eyes water; from the good stuff. And this is the real-deal. The scent is a crisp citrus that is heightened with a natural orange aroma. I don’t know how they made it smell so great, but they did!

Aged Tobacco Basket Wall Pocket

I’m going to be completely honest with you in that I had no idea what a wall pocket was until about a month ago. When I bought my first pocket for the shop, I thought, “huh, how cool is that”! Now I’m looking for them everywhere. This is going to sound really extra: but it’s like my world has opened-up, to this whole new world of things that I never knew existed or that I needed in my life.

If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I don’t like messes and my family produces them. Like a superhuman amount… If they were superheros, their power would be to flood the bad guys with their dirty socks and masses of papers.

These things are great! It gets the clutter off the table or counter and hidden behind a woven wood. If the papers are sticking-out; not a problem! Throw a book in front and now you’ve got yourself a display.

Vintage 5 Piece Cruet Set

The five piece cruet set was a happy accident. This particular set is hard to come by and even harder to put away. The gentleman that owned this piece collects sets in their entirety from all around the world. He was shipped off to a local market for the day, with the instruction of “come back with less”. Him and I meet, we chit-chat, and now I own said set.

The set is German and has a beautiful mustard and aged-brown coloring, as well as the lettering is still pristine. The base at one time included a post in the center of the ceramic containers, for the set to be easily picked-up; but is no longer with the base. To be completely honest, I feel like the post takes away from the containers.

When photographing, I caught myself admiring the set several times and how well it meshed with my decor. This vintage piece fits-in easily in to any country, vintage or farmhouse decorating style and makes for a lovely display.

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