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Spring Refresh

With many of us being stuck at home; what better way to decorate for Spring than incorporating what we already have?  I’ll show you simple ways to get Spring-ready, with items I think you may have at home.  And if not?  Swatty Creek Mill offers plenty of Spring options ready to ship, in our Online Shop.

Rooted Bulbs

Spring is definitely in the air!  And I’m finding bulb flowers all over the place.  Why not bring some of the bulbs inside, for a rustic and classic look?  I grabbed my shovel, dug underneath the roots and popped them to the surface.

You have a ton of options for displaying bulbs!  From a person with a black-thumb, bulbs are pretty easy to care for.  You can use any container, add a layer dirt, place the bulbs, then add a thin layer of stone.

You can most certainly display your bulbs with the roots exposed, but I opted for a touch of Rustic by using a brown paper bag, folded downwards and secured with twine.  If you opt for the brown paper bag and want a more tapered-look; before you add the container of bulbs, fold the bottom corners of your bag inward and tape in to place. 

Self-Watering Container

We put grass in Easter baskets, right?  Why not bring some indoors for a low-maintenance accent, in this self-watering container. 

All you’ll need are two different sized jars, some dirt, stone, water and string/twine.  While I had the shovel out from digging-up the bulbs, I went ahead and dug a little patch of grass.  

In the smaller jar: I cut a long piece of twine, running one end to the inside-bottom of the small jar; with the excess hanging down the outside of the jar.  The string/twine will absorb the water from below and run it to the soil in the smaller jar.  – To ensure the twine was secure, I screwed-on the smaller jar’s outer rim.  Then I packed the small jar with a layer of stone, layer of dirt and then grass on top. 

At this point, you’ll want to check that your smaller jar can suspend in the larger jar.  If it can’t (like mine), then wrap a layer of string around the top of the smaller jar so that it can rest on the rim of the larger jar.  Once the smaller jar suspends, add your water to the large jar, allowing the excess string from the smaller jar to soak in the water.  And there you have it!  Ready to display with minimal maintenance.  

Mossy Cutting Board

Now by this point, my allergies weren’t real impressed with me bringing the outdoors, in.   So I opted for a faux heather and dried moss.

I oddly collect cutting boards; so I pulled one from my stash, rubbed a little Old English: Dark Walnut on the board and then once dried, glued-on a few clips.  Once the glue dried, I clipped-on a little sheet moss, hung an apron and stuffed the pockets with faux heather.  If you don’t have an apron, tote bags work just as well!

I hope these Spring Refresh ideas give you a little inspiration for decorating, when you’re stuck at home.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach-out.  Stay safe and take care!

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