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Simple Spring Styling

Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where cost continues to rise.  Sometimes that means we need to cut-back; sometimes cut-out what isn’t a necessity.  BUT!  Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive.  It just needs to be creative or inventive!  Let’s take a look at some SIMPLE and COST EFFECTIVE ways to STYLE for SPRING.

What are we working with?

You got that right!  We’re using a bowl, a mug and some tape.  Will we be taping?  Nope!  

Take your bowl.  Stack your tape.  Add your mug.  AND You’re ready!  Easy-Peasy!


Bunny Garden

I stacked my tape and mug to the left-hand side of the bowl; off-centered.  Added a few of the Window Sill Herbs and a Cottage Bunny accent.   

Egg Garden

There’s no rule that says we can only use decor items to decorate, right?  So what about soap?  And guess what, it SMELLS GREAT!

Again with an off-centered mug and tape, I used the Window Sill Herbs and a pack of the Easter Egg Soap.  

Carrot Patch

Speaking of smelling great; why not add a candle?  

Now, when adding flames, I do recommend SECURING the mug!  A little glue or breaking in to that tape, never hurts!

Again I used the Window Sill Herbs, a Gourd Carrot and of course one of the favorites; the Cardamom Cookie Candle.


Go wild and have fun!  And don’t forget, you can always substitute!  Don’t like Herbs?  Add some grass instead!  Don’t like soap?  (I really hope you like soap and are using it daily) Swap it for jellybeans!  Again, decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, just creative.

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