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Simple Pops of Color – For Between Holidays: Thanksmas


So I think we’re all there right now… Really excited for Christmas, but not quite ready to go ‘full steam ahead’ until we’re through Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate small elements, right?


I’ve started to slowly add small pops of a vibrant green over the past week or so to my existing pieces (and maybe picked-up a few new ones – shhhhh)… And I mean, so slow that it’s not quite noticeable yet. To the average person living in my home; it’s a pause. A look of, “huh, something seems different?” Then they keep walking.

But guess what, by the time Black Friday rolls-around, I’m already half way there with the Christmas decorating. While you maniacs are out shopping at 4 a.m., I’ll be digging out the red, the Santas and trying to find out where I can get a Christmas tree and possibly a reindeer by 5:00 a.m.

So how do we partially Christmas decorate, you ask? Great question!

I’ve always had this strange thing for grouping like-objects of similar color and varying heights. I don’t know why, it’s a thing, so I own quite a bit of white and tan pieces. I collected as many as I could find and picked one color that went well with my current fall decor: green. Green goes well with orange for Thanksgiving, but can easily be swapped-out for red as Christmas rolls-around.

I also had a shipment of new floral come in for winter decor, so I got to give that a try. And let me tell you, I am really loving the vibrant green in the white serving bowls. I’ve since moved-on to making some centerpieces.

Now Friends. You’re going to look at this picture, see the Osage Orange and think; alright lady, where is the Osage Orange you’ve been promising us. Guys, I know… I have never seen such a water-filled fruit in my life and we’ve had a few Osage Orange casualties. But I promise, it’s on its way! I just want to be sure that the Osage Orange is completely dried and I don’t poison you and your family with mold, for a holiday you’ll never forget.

Very simply, to get the Thanksmas look, I used very neutral colored ceramics with one common accent color. I strung-up some of the Osage Orange with jute cord and added an embellishment of book page leaves and skeleton leaves from our earlier post. All with the same color palette of white, tan and vibrant green for a coordinated look.

If you’re looking for supplies, we’ve got you covered! Check-out our Online Shop for crafting supplies, floral and display pieces.

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Up next for Posts, we’ll have a fun and inexpensive DIY storage option. Stay-tuned! Thanks for reading!

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