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Soothing Beauty Products

Soothing Beauty Products

Overall, we’ve found some pretty fantastic products for our Soothing Beauty line!  But when you shop our collection, you’ll find that our soaps, lotions and perfumes are specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  Using all natural ingredients, our products are ultra-rich in vitamins and leave your skin feeling hydrated, not irritated.  You’ll also find that all of our soaps, lotions and perfumes are made in the United States.

All of our Sooth Beauty brands have been approved for quality so that you may feel confident in your purchase.  Whether you’re buying a ‘little something’ for yourself or a gift for a friend or relative, you can trust that our product descriptions and quality standards have you in mind.  You won’t find this full collection anywhere else!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Soothing Beauty products made with natural ingredients?

Yes!  All of our soaps, lotions and scrubs are made using natural ingredients.  The soaps, lotions and perfumes use essential oils for scent, goats milk or beeswax for hydration and loofah, konjac or sugar for scrubbing.

Are goats milk products good for sensitive skin?

Goats milk soap and lotions are great for sensitive skin!  Goats milk is so gentle it helps to calm the most sensitive of skin and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and other conditions causing dry, itchy skin.

Are all goats milk soap and lotions the same?

Not all goats milk products are created equally and come down to preference. While goats milk is great for sensitive skin, you may have a preference of texture or scent.  All of product scents are formulated using essential oils which are better for sensitive skin than alcohol-based scents.