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Did you know 75% of our shop is from a small business? With a majority of those businesses being women owned/operated.
Tiffany Williams - Owner, Swatty Creek Mill
Tiffany Williams
Founder & Owner

Welcome to Swatty Creek Mill.  I’m Tiffany, the responsible party.  I’ve set out to build a brand that is not only a shop, but a shopping experience.  An experience that is both convenient and honest, with all of the “feels” of a hometown shop. 

Founded in only 2019, Swatty Creek Mill has come a long way!  When I began this adventure, I was inspired by our mill located on the Swatara Creek (aka the “Swatty”); buying and selling vintage/antique items that quickly transformed into our Online Shop by the end of 2019 and a Storefront in 2020.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoy offering them!  I want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase and have that hometown experience when you’re visiting us in-person or online.  During your time with Swatty Creek Mill, if you find that your experience is anything less than exceptional, I ask that you please contact me right away.

The "Swatty" Creek

Why is the Swatty significant?  Because the “Swatty” is a place for memories.  Those of us that are local, have grown-up with the Swatara Creek being part of our lives.  Whether that’s tubing, kayaking, catching rays or even crayfish, we all have some pretty great memories of the Swatara Creek with our closest friends and family.  

Our hope is that our unique product offering helps you to create those special memories, for years to come.  

Swatara Creek Coordinates

Let's Be Social

Let’s further the conversation!  We want you to be involved and have a great time.  Not specific to any one topic or theme, we provide several channels to keep you informed on our casual chic boutique, the latest styles, trends, DIY and of course, a little bit of fun!

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