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Despite our small, hometown feel, we’re surprisingly large in reach!  Not only do we provide fast Shipping nationwide,  we also provide flexible payment terms, such as Buy Now, Pay Later.  You’ll surely love the convenience of shopping your favorite local and national brands, then having them delivered to your doorstep. 

Unique Home Decor | Swatty Creek Mill Boutique
Would it even be home, if it wasn't personal? However you style your home, trust that we've searched high and low for a Unique Home Decor collection that is both stylish and practical, but nonetheless perfect for everyday use. You'll find pieces equally unique in character as they are competitive in price.

Unique Home Decor


Soothing Beauty | Swatty Creek Mill Boutique
But wait, there's more! Overall we've found some pretty fantastic beauty products. But when you shop our Soothing Beauty, you'll find that our soaps, lotions and perfumes are made in the United States, using premium ingredients. Not only do our products provide great benefits, they're also rich in vitamins and use premium ingredients. Trust us, when we say your skin will thank you!
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We believe in a world where you should never have to compromise comfort for style!  Nonetheless, when you’re shopping for a unique piece to tie a room together, a gift for a loved one or a casual outfit for a trip around town, you’ll undeniably feel the difference with Swatty Creek Mill.  Our hand-selected boutique has vetted all of our products for quality, so when you shop with us, you’ll find that our casual and chic offerings are more aesthetically pleasing, filled with great texture and of course, style.


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Are you looking for further details about Swatty Creek Mill?  Learn all About Us from how we’ve gotten our start to “why”‘ the “Swatty” is significant. 


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Let’s further the conversation!  We want you to be involved and to have a great time.  Not specific to any one topic or theme, we provide several channels to keep you informed on our casual chic boutique, the latest styles, trends, DIY and of course, a little bit of fun! 

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